Protect Your Property and Family

Protect Your Property and Family

A Better Choice LLC can help secure the wildland on your property in Vancouver and Long Beach, WA

We have all seen the damage wildfires have caused. Allow our certified arborists help prevent this at your home. The process of burning dry brush, weeds and needles by a controlled specialist can help prevent the cause and spread of wildfire.

This controlled burning can not only prevent hazards, but can also promotes germination in some species of tree. Germination is simply the process of which a seed can sprout and grow!

Our team cares about the health and safety of your property and loved ones in Vancouver or Long Beach, WA. Let us provide you the tree services needed to prevent any further damage. Call 360-843-3108 for more information.

Help prevent the cause and spread of damage to the forest

The spread of wildfires can be fast and cause immediate damage. A Better Choice in Vancouver, WA asks that you:

  • Avoid having an open flame near brush or dead weeds
  • Make sure to keep grill secure and attended
  • To fully extinguish any camp fire
  • Never throw a hot match away or on the ground
  • Keep water or a fire extinguisher handy if fire is necessary

  • For more tips or if you think your property needs to be treated for wildfire abatement, reach out to A Better Choice in Vancouver, WA today.